Which One Would You Choose: Bridal Saree or Bridal Lehenga

Having trouble on choosing your wedding outfits? With so many events in our Indian weddings with all the tradition and culture you would also want your outfit to be trendy and modern. With today’s Brides rocking both the traditional saree and lehenga it’s difficult to choose between these too outfits. While Sarees are worn mostly by brides in the south where it’s a tradition and Lehengas being more popular and commonly worn for weddings, Sarees are also in on the trend these days. So here are we giving you some insights on this big debate to choose between a saree and a lehenga for your wedding.

To start with Lehengas are obviously the first go to option for most of the brides all around India. You have a wide variety of designs and styles to choose from. A-line to ruffled and layered lehengas, with prints to embellished embroidery. Along with a variety of dupattas and accessories to go with. Visit our blog page to read our insights for you to choose your perfect wedding lehenga.

Sarees are also making the trend popularly with most Bollywood brides making their bridal statement with traditional sarees. The most popular being Kancheevaram sarees there are others, Benarasi and Paithani sarees. There is also these new trend of georgette, organza ruffled sarees and sheer fabrics sarees with embroidery. The only reason brides choose lehenga over the saree is because of comfort issues. While sarees can be a bit hard to handle who are not used to it, lehengas are preferred as its easy to move around. But both can make an equal impact over your look.

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You can choose to wear both outfits for your wedding and wear it different events like going for a lehenga for your pheras and saree for the reception. There is a third option where you can find the best of both worlds, you can go for a lehenga saree which is lehenga styled as a saree. You can choose over a variety of dupattas to go with your lehenga and drape it as a saree.it will give you a saree look along with the comfort of a lehenga.

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