Choosing The Right Color for Your Wedding Lehenga

Looking for your perfect wedding lehenga? Do you know what style of lehenga you want but can’t decide on the color yet? These days bridal lehengas are not only in shades of red. The Indian wedding scene has evolved so much it is not the same traditional culture, it has mixed with modern mindset playing with colors and different styles of the bridal outfit.

Wedding outfits are nowadays chosen according to the season which differs from each other. The colors obviously change according to the season. Some colors look good for the particular setting. Here are some tips on which colors you can go for at the right season.

You can choose whether you want to go all glittery and shimmery with embroidery or more light and different with printed lehengas. You can go for printed ones with lightness for a summer wedding or your other wedding occasions like haldi and mehendi. Because these days even prints are making a statement in the bridal scene with large floral and exceptional prints that look royal and regal. You can go for the heavy embroidery work for the big day which is more classic, traditional, and trending as always.

Talking about colors, it is not the same nowadays the traditional red and pink are not the only choices. There are so many colors to choose from for your wedding it can be overwhelming. But you have to choose your colors according to your skin tone and wedding setting that would make you stand out. These are a few trending colors for this wedding season according to our research.

First you may want to decide whether you want a single color throughout or have mixed colors for your outfit. Having complementing colors for your lehenga and blouse, or going all out with different colors for each lehenga blouse and the dupatta which works too if you choose the right colors.

Some of the summer colors trending this year is lilac and blush pink. Look for some lighter soft colors like yellow powder blue, teal turquoise. Even these colors ivory, lilac, pink, wine, gold, green, orange would look good for a summer wedding. While If you are looking for a winter wonderland wedding go for colors like navy blue, red, burgundy. red and green, golden, lime, and peach

Here are some colour combinations you can try out.

Pastel colors have been trending a lot. pastel green and pink works together beautifully. Then there are other combinations like turquoise and red, silver with navy blue,  peach and blue, white and yellow, Salman pink with Gold. Gold is the all-time favorite for a wedding and it goes with most of the colors. Ombre colors are also trending this season. If you want to really go for something unique there are colors like champagne, Purple, lilac, lavender, earthy green, grey.

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